5 Irresistible Energy Balls

5 Irresistible Energy Balls

We have gathered a few of our favourite no-bake energy balls, which are the perfect fuel for on the go. The best part: they can be stored up to a week in the fridge!

Whilst we are all waiting for the infamous pumpkin lattes to return, these pumpkin energy bites will help us pass the time. These are also suitable for those with nut allergies, as they mainly include pumpkin puree, seeds, dates and rolled oats. They also provide a great dose of vitamin A, zinc and fiber.

With blueberries having one of the highest antioxidant capacities and cashew nuts having monounsaturated heart-healthy fats, these energy bites will boost your cardiovascular health. For final touches, you can add coconut shreds and lemon zest.

Since it is summer we had to include these energy bites. Due to the added hemp they are filled with plenty of protein and fiber. The mix of mango, coconut and nuts will easily make these one of your favourites.

If you cannot get enough of coffee, we got you covered. Completed with oatmeal, almond butter and chocolate chips it is a great pick-me up if you are lacking energy or have a sweet-tooth.

These vanilla plum bites are amazing, both in terms of nutrition and taste. They contain a good amount of potassium, fiber and sorbitol and the subtle vanilla hint (you can always add more for a stronger one) make them truly delicious.


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